Final return to space Tour

“Change is the essential process of all existence.”– Spock

It seems like our voyage has found its final mission.  Before we reach the point of no return and end as an endless drifting wreck in earth’s orbit, we decided to head out for one last adventure and return to outta space afterwards.

In other words: we decided to stop playing live and our upcoming three shows will be our last so far.

Things change and after our 14 year long space trip with Parasol Caravan we decided to end this journey for now.

Maybe we will write some more riffs in our rehearsal room in the future and hail the almighty fuzz, but for now we need some space (got it?) and want to concentrate on other things in life.

Thank you for joining our trip and supporting us on our journey. So let’s celebrate one (actually three) more time(s), bang our heads until our necks get sore and enjoy the best riffs between Earth and Mos Eisley together.

2.2.23 Rockhouse Salzburg
3.2.23 Arena Wien
4.2.23 Posthof Linz

May the fuzz be with you

Yours truly

Parasol Caravan

Alex, Bertram, Vincent, Richard

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